About Us


Mega Restoration specializes in Water & Fire Damage Restoration, Mould Remediation, Biohazard Cleanup and Emergency work. Serving numerous residential and commercial communities within Canada, our main concern is meeting the needs of the customer and eliminating the problem as efficiently as possible.

When a need for property emergency and restoration services arise in the future, look no further than your local Mega Restoration services where satisfaction is guaranteed.

You’ve seen it on T.V. Extreme (and not-so-extreme) weather events are leaving their mark on homes and properties across America. Tattered roof shingles and siding are just the beginning. What may surprise you is how unseen damage creates growing issues over time.

Mega Restoration is here to provide a free inspection of your home. If we find damage, we’ll meet with your insurance provider’s representative to review it with them, so they can determine if the necessary repairs will be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. In most cases, your policy will cover our services. If your storm damage is not covered, our team of professionals stands ready to provide you with a reasonable quote to get your property back to like-new condition in a timely manner.

Even if you think your home or property is in perfect condition, problems invisible to your eye may be getting ready to hatch into larger, costly headaches. Our commitment to you is to provide honest, fair and accurate quotes for your restoration needs, with minimal impact to you and your wallet.

Mega Restoration is a leader in property emergency services, helping families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mould and other conditions resulting in property damage. Each of our independently owned franchises pledge to do whatever it takes to respond, restore and rescue properties in all of the communities we serve.